What is Enlightenment

What is Enlightenment Part 9

Spiritual means you are going to be out of these difficulties forever. This is not something that people either understand or want on a wholesale basis, because they will still work on the Karma kanda section, if at all, the demigods, the rituals, the procedures, and those are actually divisive in the sense of being exclusive. They exclude people whereas healing does not exclude anyone.
Q: .. Since we share the knowledge of Krishna, can we tell that Krishna is the source of Reiki as well?
You can state that Reiki is a Brahma energy and the source of Brahma energy is Krishna. Brahma means universal life force, this is what Krishna has explained in Bhagavad Gita, Universal life force. Reiki means universal life force. There is no difference. The quality of energy is same.
The source of Brahma energy is Brahma, Parmatama, Bhagwan, three steps, that is the final source. There are intermediary sources. All expansions of Bhagwan only..
People are wanting some relief from material problems, whoever can offer them the best, they will go there. Reiki offers certain limited amount of material relief or a lot depending on the person’s individual situation. Beyond that, you have to actually understand, the real meaning of Reiki means to be a means for you to get back to the Spiritual world. Actually get back is kind of misleading. It was not that you came down from Spiritual world because once you are in the Spiritual world you don’t come down, you were on the edge. You need to cross over the edge and go back to the Spiritual. Otherwise we are internal tourists, cycling down, going up, cycling down, going up.

Spiritual Master Nalin Nirula
Karmic Healer & Initiating Spiritual Master

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