What is Enlightenment

What is Enlightenment Part 8

Q: Is Sidhi also a form of Enlightenment?
Sidhis are mystical perfections which you get along the way and if you get caught up in that then your enlightenment is delayed. You dont get there. All these Sidhis business is actually a detraction from your path. These are mystic powers that are like Magic tricks. Its a waste of time to get into those.
The idea that we want to fool the people eventually. These are cheating processes because they are like magic tricks. These are slight of hand. So Just like everybody wants to be mystified and think that mystery is something very great
If you are not going to be theatrical then there is not much demand
There are pious activities, Sukriti helping the less fortunate. But it is not the same as Spiritual

Spiritual Master Nalin Nirula
Karmic Healer & Initiating Spiritual Master

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