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Learn all about life-changing Webinars and other seminars & programs with Nalin Nirula – Spiritual Guru, Karmic Healer and result-oriented Mentor and Life Coach.

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Also–Special practical guidance on how to apply the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita to everyday situations and succeed in life.

Nalin Nirula’s life mission is to empower others through spiritual initiation processes, guiding them on how to heal and make their lives better spiritually and materially, now and in the future. Nalin is a graduate of Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC), Delhi, and Cornell University, N.Y., USA.

Its about changing “O” for Obstacles to
“O” for Opportunities to heal!

“This knowledge of the Gita is not for a time long past, but for all conditions you may face today”.

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Nalin Nirula is a spiritualist and karmic healer based in India, with more than forty years of experience in this area. He empower others through spiritual initiation processes, guiding them on how to heal and make their lives better now and in the future.

He has co-authored three successful books on healing and self-development, two of which have been published by Macmillan. which specializes in reversing chronic degenerative diseases through an integrated program based on karmic healing and a plant-based nutritional diet.

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Mr. Nirula brings to bear a unique perspective for his program resulting from his own journey. His pioneering efforts in 1977 gave India its first iconic ice cream parlor business (“Nirula’s 21 Ice Creams”). That journey has come full circle as his subsequent research into the impact of animal foods on one’s health- dairy in particular- have given him a mandate to advocate for a vegan lifestyle.

A vegetarian for nearly 45 years, and now a vegan, Nalin Nirula’s philosophies are rooted in scientific understanding about the adverse effects that animal products have on the human body.

Nalin Nirula’s Eating Cure Chronic Disease Reversal Program is an amalgam of the knowledge, the insight, the skill and experience he has accumulated in a lifetime of study. It is geared towards the welfare and holistic betterment of those who are suffering in body, mind, and spirit.

  • “I reversed my own hypertension of more than 30 years’ standing using this protocol. In the process lost 25 kg of weight to become fare more healthier and fitter,” he says.  “I use everything I know to help patients reverse their chronic degenerative diseases created by ‘food poisoning’ toxins, and karmic or genetic predisposition to a particular disease destiny.”

He concludes by saying, “our radical wellness program incorporates spiritual science, food science and the physiological sciences for reversing chronic diseases. With our radical healing protocol, the gentle, almost effortless disease reversal results I see daily in patients once considered hopeless or incurable, are a constant validation to me of what we do here.”

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